Me . . . . .


I’m not going to lie – writing an “About Me” page for my website was daunting. I know many “About Me” pages wax lyrical about how they always knew they wanted to be a photographer, how good they are at what they do, how they see things that other people can’t see, and how they pour their heart and soul into producing the perfect images. They talk about being the best photographer in their area and the number of awards they have won. They talk about their work experience and their well-known clients (if any). They often talk about themselves in the third person, immediately detaching from their own persona.

But that’s not me. I’m real. I may be a photographer, but I’m a real person as well.

So let me fill you in on the “ME” that you will trust to capture your loved ones in memories that will last forever.

I am a mum. Of four wonderful children. And a wife of one.

I lived the expat life for 10 years – and I’ll admit that I miss it sometimes. Particularly traveling and meeting new people, and the excitement that comes from settling in a new country.

I’m not a natural blonde. The grey is natural though, much to my disdain.

I love coffee, and wine. Sometimes at the same time. Sometimes in the middle of the day. And that’s okay.

Chocolate often finds its way into my shopping trolley, and I never notice until I unpack my groceries at home. My husband doesn’t believe me when I admit to not knowing how it got there.

I should exercise more. I’m working on that (however, see the previous two lines).

Music is a big part of my family’s life – we sing a lot, and often badly. But we sing with emotion, and that’s what counts.

I listen to audiobooks and science was my favourite subject at school. I guess that makes me a bit of a geek.

As you can see, I’m just an ordinary person. But what I can give you is something extraordinary.

I can give you memories that will last a lifetime. In this digital age, we are taking photos more than ever. Whether it’s on our phone or an actual camera, we have more photos of our loved ones than any generation before us. And yet we don’t display them. We don’t surround ourselves with those memories. We carry them around on a little 6 inch glass and metal device, and every now and then we might glance at a couple of those images. But not in my house. In my house, we have photos everywhere. My kids have grown up surrounded by memories everywhere they look. On the walls, on sideboards, on bedside tables – there are so many photos. And when we have guests, they spend a long time looking at all our photos, and the look on each of their faces is priceless. Because people love photos. People love seeing a person’s past in images on display. And these days it’s rare to see images displayed like that. It’s sad that our memories have been reduced to nothing more than a phone’s memory.

When did we stop displaying our memories as what they really are – as works of art?

That’s where I come in. I can capture your family as they are right now. Not as they were yesterday or how they’ll be tomorrow. I can capture them NOW. And tomorrow, they will be memories. But they will be amazing memories, displayed on quality canvas or fine art paper or in exquisite frames. They will be displayed on walls and benches. They will be on your bedside table, so images of your loved ones will be the first thing and the last thing you see every day.

Because whilst they are indeed memories, they should never be hidden and forgotten.

If you would like me to be the one to capture those precious moments in time, moments that go by in the blink of an eye, then please click here for my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.